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Year ago I began to paint, but the stories my paintings inspired in my mind screamed at me to write them down and that took me on an entirely different creative career path.  Instead of creating with a canvas, paints and brushes I began creating with pen and paper, and later with a computer and paper.  Over these years thirty of my romance/mystery, romantic suspense and paranormal romance novels were published by Kensington, Harper Collins, Bantam and Silhouette/Harlequin Publishing Houses under my own name, as well as under  Cheryln Biggs and Cheryln Jac. 
Then writing started to become more of a "job" than a "joy" and my mind wandered back to how much color these characters I kept conjuring up could bring into the world if I painted their images rather than merely wrote about them.  So I dug out my old brushes, bought new paints and canvas and began painting again. I am a thoroughly self taught artist, except for an all too brief study under the extremely talented western artist Gary Bergren, and a few other artist workshops.  I strive to constantly learn new techniques and ways to bring onto the canvas what my mind's eye envisions, and find the most enjoyable way to learn is by trial and error.
On a more personal note, I am a native Californian of Italian heritage who now lives in the beautiful desert of southern Arizona with my wonderful husband and two pups.  I have three grown children, two grown step children, eleven grandchildren, and though I insist I am too young, I have three great grandchildren.
Most of my works can be seen here on my website, and some are on Instagram.
Prints and Giclees of various sizes are available of all my works, and commissions are welcome.
Member of:Oil Painters of AmericaAmerican [...]

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