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I was born in Denver, Colorado. My first years of life I spent moving around a lot being a daughter of a military man. At age 3-6 I have my fondest memories living in Hawaii where there were plenty of beautiful flowers and trees. Nature has always been so magical for me. I remember watching the fairies and angels around me. It is my desire to capture these ethereal energies in my artwork.

I have loved color and beauty all of my life as well as using my imagination. My earliest memories of art came from watching my mother paint black and white photos of our family in color. She was also gifted as an oil painter. My father was also an artist as well. He loved tooling leather of which he made beautiful wallets, purses, belts and framed works of art.
About The Artist

My inner artist came out in various times of my life when I made my own clothes all through High School. I enjoyed making pottery and stained glass through College. My painting and design of watercolor media was initiated when I began Adult Education in 1998. I wanted to learn every thing I could about watercolor painting. I feel like I have truly found my passion. It is so wonderful how the watercolor seems to paint itself. I love the looseness of the wet into wet in the background along with using control of the medium to bring realism in the foreground. My favorite subject is anything beautiful in nature. My intention is to bring the spirit of life into my art for enjoyment and inspiration.


I give credit to my highly gifted teachers Rose Margaret Braiden and Cathy Quiel and other great master teachers of this wonderful media for giving me inspiration and [...]

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