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 My goal is to create paintings that cause people to pause and reflect on the beauty in our world.  Whether it’s walking down a busy city street, getting lost in the intricate beauty of a vase full of flowers, feeling the immensity of the mountains or observing the give and take of an ocean shoreline, the subject matter isn’t important to me.  What’s important is that it allows viewers to connect to the emotion I’m trying to create as well as enjoy the intrinsic beauty of the scene.
What causes me to want to paint something is almost always the quality of the light. If it’s a still life, I get to choose the type of lighting I want—high, low, frontal, backlit, intense, diffused, cool, warm, etc., and I get to move the objects around to create an artistically appealing design quality of light and dark shapes. I like this, because the options are unlimited and I am in control. If it’s a landscape or cityscape, I’m dependent upon nature (and lucky timing) for inspiration. In either case, it’s up to me to use the vocabulary of painting (drawing, values, color, edges and composition) to create the illusion/emotion of the moment. I am usually inclined to do this in a style I would call a soft realism, but if the subject and mood call for a more impressionist approach I am happy to oblige.
My chosen medium is oil. I love it for the intensity of color, the buttery texture and the various ways I can manipulate it.   I use only the highest artist grade materials, and your painting will remain in excellent condition for many generations to enjoy.

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