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Cherry Morrill began her creative arts career as a professional photographer.  She completed her undergraduate and post-graduate preparatory work at The University of Texas at Austin.  Her post-graduate study was in the field of photography at  UT-Austin with Russell Lee.  She worked for an advertising firm and  taught photography at the college level while living in Texas.  After 28 years in Jackson, Wyoming, Cherry closed her award winning photography studio and channeled ler creative energies into the study of watercolor. It was a natural transition after a lifetime of visual training.

Through her work as a photographer, Cherry has always been drawn to God's masterpieces of form and light and delights in creating her impressions of His beauty with her watercolors. The fluidity and unpredictability of watercolor only adds to her enjoyment of the process. She has studied with several prominent instructors, including Stella Canfield, Eric Weingardt, Cindy Briggs, Judi Betts, Jan Kunz, Tom Lentz and Ted Nuttle among others.
Having been blessed to travel extensively, she delights in creating her interpretation of an area and the rhythms of it's everyday life.  Her collections include paintings of rural and village life, dynamic florals and  flower markets,  faces that facinate her wherever she finds them, portraits and the coastal life of Rockport.  In her Inspirational Collection, Cherry paints whatever the Lord lays on her heart.  She says, "These paintings seem to just paint themselves."  She shares her love of art with the children of Iris Miistries School in Pemba, Mozambique on her summer mission trips.
Cherry is thrilled to be back in Texas and loves the life and the people of Rockport as well as the vibrant art community.  Cherry's work has been exhibited in shows and galleries in Bend, Oregon, Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas.  She has collectors in those states as well as California and Montana.


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