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Cherilynn Wood is an artist from the Midwest who creates stunning realistic watercolors of nature, wildlife and the world around her which celebrate the complexities of the watercolor medium. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and studies fine art and photography of Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Having exhibited in many shows and art fairs over the years, she has won numerous awards. Her work can be found in corporate businesses as well as private collections all over the United States and Internationally. In addition to being a fine art painter, she is a successful picture framer and art preserver. She continues to live in Wisconsin with her husband, Don, who is also an artist, and their rescue dog, Nana. 
I fell deeply in love with watercolor from the very first class I took in high school and have had a continual love and awe of the medium ever since. It has such a wonderful contrast between spontaneity in the flow and absolute control of the mark. Blend that with its beautiful transparency and luminosity that no other media has and it creates a medium that I have been addicted to ever since. It is a medium that by its very nature creates a life lesson of letting go of control and feeling the flow. 
I became an artist because the visual world is very important to me, having sight and being able to appreciate the world around me is never taken for granted. I was born with a congenital cataract which caused blindness in one eye. I value the visual world and the experiences of living with nature. I am continually fascinated by the sheer beauty around me everyday, from the budding tulips in Spring, to the sparkling glow of the snow on a crisp Winter's day, and everything in between. [...]

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