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I first began painting at the age of eight, when my father, also an artist, handed me some brushes and oils.  I think it was just to keep me from interfering with his work.  That sparked me to continue painting.  I worked in acrylic for years until as an adult I decided to get a college degree and minored in Art Studio at UAB
I  took a hiatus from painting until I graduated in 2003 with a degree in Social Psychology and completed my master’s in Public Health in 2006.   Then I focused on my work until retirement.  I am now in the studio every day, with the exception of the trips my husband and I take which only fuel my imspirations.
“Art to me is about connection.  My art ecohes the connections I make in life with my emotions and feelings. These connections create a mental picture and I try to recreate these in my paintings. I paint what interests me, is important to me, and moves me. In doing this, I include something of myself in my paintings, either humor, whimsy, or an emotional connection. Most often my paintings are representational, but some connections can only be recreated in the abstract.”"I love painting people and portriats and am currently doing an Emotion Series mostly of children exhibiting various emotions. My Nicaraguan Series includes paintings of the sights and impressions I received in going to Nicaragua on Mission Trips.  My Life Slices is a collection of paintings that are taken from my impression of people going about everyday life.I have recently joined AMA (Alabama Miniature Association) and have delved into miniature painting."
My work has been shown in the  Birmingham Art Association Gallery The Birmingham Public LibraryBirmingham SouthernSacred Arts GalleryHawthorne GalleryRoss Bridge Arts and Music on the GreenBirmingham Children's Hospital   
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