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Painting is a Passion. I firmly believe all of us are creative beings. We after all are created in His Image. The process is challenging and stimulating full of Awe and Wonder! Enjoy the wonder of the Only true Creator, “Our Lord” and feel the joy and love though my colorful paint strokes

Collectors Say:

” My wife cried when she got our three fur babies portraits painted”.  Lifelong treasure! (Lex Graham- gemologist and owner of Graham Brothers Jewelers) Amarillo Texas
State Rep. of Texas Kel Seliger -Amarillo. Nancy my wife picked it out and The painting hangs in my Austin office Representing the second largest canyons in our country  Texas’s own State park -“Palo Duro Canyon.”  


As long as I can remember,  Our Creator of the heavens and earth gave me curiosity, wonder and with that  the passion to copy His great work.
Born in Southern California, loved playing in the dirt, roller skating, drawing, music and  animal lover!! 
Around nine years old; Parents moved us to Texas, back to their home state. We moved to Lubbock,Texas. What a shock! Where did the green go?  No trees, well scary looking trees all crooked and gnarly.  Especially in winter!  Yikes! Lubbock is so desolate with unfriendly tumbleweeds, thorny and scratchy weeds that hugged the fences and rose to heights way over this girls head.  Sand storms scared me worse than earthquakes.  Unknown to me; my dad lost his job and we moved to Amarillo. ( Straight up North of Lubbock )I remember telling my Dad that “Amarillo wasn’t as dirty as Lubbock”. ( Sorry Lubbock ).  We  moved to Amarillo - my Dad asked me if I wanted to be a “Sandie” or a “Rebel” .  I replied NOT A COOKIE!! That is funny now but I thought a Sandie was a cookie made by the Keebler  Elves!  What else could it have been? It was named a hundred years earlier, the first high school - Amarillo High School- home of the mighty Sandstorm- Sandie for short.  Looks like a tornado. Back again to my most scary thing.   So we moved into Tascosa School District, the fighting rebels.  I know a racist thing.  But I was unaware of the Civil war at 10 yrs old.  But they looked tough!  And a rebel was something I could relate to.  Not a cookie!  Not a Sandstorm!
 Palo Duro Canyon became my favorite place to paint. A beautiful Canyon - Texas State Park; the second largest Canyon-in the USA.  Much easier than painting at the [...]

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