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    It’s been said by virtually every artist, but it also holds true for Chase Almond—“It’s the journey and not the destination that guides my work.”  Growing up in Ft. Worth, Texas, Chase started painting with watercolors when he was 14, and worked in that medium until his sister, also an artist, introduced him to oils in 1998.           " For me, the process of painting involves more than just recording what I see.  My goal is for the viewer to experience the emotional response that inspired me to paint it.  To transfer that response to the viewer "through" the painting , so to speak.  My technique focuses on conveying this more with color and light and less about intricate detail."
Primarily a plein air painter, he has studied with Kim English, Eric Michaels and Quang Ho.  "I am attracted to pristine landscapes, but at the same time I'm intrigued by those with human presence or influence" Street and beach scenes are often seen in his work.   
    "I like to do small plein air pieces combined with photos and take them back to the studio and do larger works.  The emotion and immediacy that is sometimes captured in a plein air work is often difficult to translate into a studio piece. It's one of the great mysteries of painting from life." 
Chase looks to John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, Anders Zorn and Robert Henri for inspiration.   
He co-owns a restaurant design business and lives on  a small ranch in Parker County, Texas. He is an avid quail hunter, horseman and fisherman.  Also a world traveler, Chase has painted 'en plein air' on 5 continents, recording new landscapes and cultures through his art. 
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