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Charulatha is a representational artist with strong preference to paint realistically. She is a consultant in the day and an artist all the time. She slides from screen to canvas with an ease of a natural. With a strong, yet subtle, sense of inquisitiveness, accompanied by unrelenting spirit to build skills, Charulatha believes nothing is impossible and that all humans have immense potential and mental abilities to achieve what they wish for. 
You will see a wide array of brush strokes in her work. She is enamoured with a wide range of skin tones, landscapes, interiors and how each lends a different character to the expression of emotion. Her endeavour, as a representational artist, is to capture the beauty of nature and people around her by bringing dynamism to her art work.

Exhibited her oil painting works in Lalit Kala Academy in Chennai 2017
Exhibited themed watercolour works in Parvati Art Gallery in 2008
Selected work on Artsy.com curated by 33 Contemporary 

Didi Menendez, Pandemic Portraits for Labor Day 2020, Medium, August 2020


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