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   I can't remember a time when I did not paint and draw.  It has always been a part of me.  My work continues to grow and evolve as I continue my journey through life,  but it is my biographical history that inherently shapes the paintings I create.  It is the unique combination of my experiences, my historical environment, and my talent that make me the artist I am today and to be able to share this passion with other people.    I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia as the oldest of four sisters.  Expressing myself through art began as early as childhood.  My artistic talent led me to attend the University of Georgia and graduated with a BFA in Interior Design.  As I continued to cultivate my painting techniques,  I started a family and embarked on a whole new path that never veered far from my love of painting.      I discovered watercolor while taking a workshop in Pensacola, FL, where I lived for 25 years with my husband and three children.  While there I owned and ran a Construction Business that built new homes and renovated old homes for 15 years.  I continued to work on my painting skills, taking many of the fabulous workshops offered in Pensacola, joining Quayside Art Gallery and showing in several local venues.    Once I found watercolor, I could never go back to Oils or Acrylics.  In watercolor the white in your painting is the paper which is opposite of Oils and Acrylics.  Value and color help create a center of interest that add excitement to each subject.  Initially,  I painted familiar landmarks and children.  If your photograph is in our family album, you might be in one of my paintings.    While I paint mostly from my imagination and photographs,  I have found a renewed interest [...]

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