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Why do I paint?
I happen to love paintings. Each one seems a small world, created in the mind and by the hand, of an individual. 
I enter each world and see with different eyes, with new vision. This expands me and teaches me. 
For my own paintings, whether landscapes, abstracts, or a melding of these, I go where the muse takes me. I credit great teachers with adding street smarts to my visions.
I’d like to share my little worlds with you. Thanks for visiting!
A former writer and editor in the arts, Charlotte D’Aigle began her training as a painter in the San Francisco Bay Area with artist Jim Smyth, working en plein air. 
She continued her art studies and training in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a variety of professional artists. She has worked in mosaics, acrylics, and egg tempera, and today works primarily in oils. She has recently added a new medium: acrylic collage.
Charlotte’s love of mosaics contributes to her aesthetic, which involves a broken brushstroke, grids, and fragments of color. She paints landscapes and abstracts.
She has exhibited her work around the West, and her paintings are held in various private collections. Charlotte lives on acreage in San Luis Obispo County, California, with her sculptor husband, Carl Berney.

KERWIN GALLERIES, 1107 CALIFORNIA DRIVE, BURLINGAME, CA 94010, 650-340-8400, [email protected]

I am haunted by cities. A friend described New York City as “the best and worst of everything.” I feel that way about all cities, that their steel canyons offer us the delicious complexity our minds demand while cramping our bodies with concrete.
Cities describe humankind: we are diverse yet separated,  crowded yet alone, craving beauty yet creating squalor. The cauldron of the city holds it all, this fraught mixture of contradictions.
No one ever loved a city more than I during my years in San Francisco, first [...]

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