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Charley Shipley grew up in Arizona. From his earliest memories he was an artist; taking inspiration from his father, who had a gift but never pursued it. They would sit for hours, drawing animals together. They also spent time in the remote mountains and canyons of Arizona; hunting, fishing and hiking. This is where Shipley discovered his love of the outdoors and the amazing creatures that inhabit such magnificent country.
Shipley’s love for the outdoors has always inspired and motivated his art. He spent innumerable hours exploring the richness of the Arizona landscape. From the deserts to the high country to the depths of its underground marvels; Shipley found the vision for his art. On one trip in the rugged mountains of west central Arizona, Shipley and his father were on the road to Burro Creek, aptly named, in his dad’s old pickup. Along the way they encountered a band of wild burros; several adults and one colt made their way across the dirt road and up the hillside, below a bluff before they turned to watch. This later became the inspiration for Shipley’s first oil painting, at about the age of twelve.
After graduating from high school, Shipley and a buddy packed up his pickup and headed for Alaska. It took seven days to get there, camping along the road. They saw grizzly bears, wolves, moose and much more. After parting ways with his friend in Anchorage, he headed for Homer, camping on the ‘Homer Spit’. In cramped quarters, Shipley was quite prolific producing paintings; one he still has, of two bull caribou making their way down a mountain.
Shipley made several more trips to Alaska, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon; always passing through Montana before settling down in Prescott, Arizona. Shipley and his wife raised four children there. It [...]

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