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I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, which was like Finland to me. I hiked extensively there. I have always been a very visually oriented person, paying attention to nature, and the out of doors. When I began to paint the first 25 paintings I did were of the Pacific Northwest. I now live in Maine. What followed were images from all the major places I have lived over the ensuing years. What a treat. I have never been able to say why I want to paint but perhaps all these images and scenes in my mind wanted out. I am so grateful for this it is hard to express. I should have seen it coming. I painted one major painting every few years for the last 40 years. I didn’t have time or energy to pursue it farther. Now I do. I hope to share my love of the outdoors with those who look at my work. I feel like a regionalist, a painter who is known for a certain region. Only I have about 5 regions in our country that are familiar to me. I think that will keep me going for some years. I don’t seem to be able to paint about somewhere I haven’t been. It is something about the specific place that I must see and experience. Andrew Wyeth was asked I think by his wife why he didn’t paint some picturesque rocks, and he said “They aren’t our rocks”. I remember Alan Gussow’s wonderful book called “A sense of place” which sums up the feelings nicely. Please enjoy my paintings and the wonderful feelings they evoke in me.  I hope they do the same for you!
Charles M. Stewart

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