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My abstract and figurative collage work is the result of playful exploration as I frequently let the materials dictate the direction of a piece.  I freely explore various mediums, styles, ideas and formats.  It keeps the learning process interesting.  Some of my pieces feature silver solder collaged on an acrylic background.  Some of my works are traditional oils.  My job as an artist is to listen and allow the conversation to unfold between materials, ideas and technique.  The meaning of the abstract work is developed as the piece is being made, and regardless of what I think that meaning is, the true significance of the piece is only realized as the viewer, who brings the sum total of their life experience to the viewing, wrests what meaning they will.  A successful work of art for me doesn't necessarily spell out the artists' intentions but rather engages the viewer in a dialogue with the piece.  
A successful work of art forever holds the emotion or the vibration of the artist who created it.  This is one of the reasons that petroglyphs as well as rock and cave paintings can have such a powerful impact on the viewer many thousands of years later.  A piece of art that strikes one viewer and not the next is because of a sympathetic vibration or lack thereof in the viewer.  Allowing for mystery is something I strive for.  My wish is to engage the viewer and to share a common experience, if only for a moment.  
I have been making art on and off for about 20 years and for the last few have been able to devote much more time to it.  I have studied with Stephen Quiller, Xiogang Zhu, Tom Hoffmann, Bob Burridge, Aimee Ericsson, Mitchell Albala, Aaron Coberly, Robin Weiss, Barbara De Pirro, Thomas [...]

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