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CHARLES CARMAN PIERCE Bio. and commentary  
 updated 1/2/2018
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 In 1957 at age 15 studied with first mentor, Obe Smith, a  ART student for many years who studied with European artists in the art schools of Chicago, he demonstrated the use of the charcoal stick and values of the medium, the secrets of the feather touch and use of layering so as to bring the subject out of the  paper and to life. His most memorial words of advice:
“Study many different artists and styles as you can, do not duplicate any, find your own style from what you learn and be your own artist; feel your art in your heart and soul, do it for yourself and work at other occupations.”  He also told him “ Learning to draw correctly is  basic and must be mastered before thinking about color or painting.”
 The trail of learning was one of self teaching based on what his Mother always told him: Charles you must have patience, patience and the words from Obe Smith: "practice, practice, and practice until you can look at the paper and see what you are going to create before you start" and then their the words of his high school art teacher: "when looking at what you about to draw you must feel the edges on your finger tips, hard or soft".
     The next years were all about learning to draw from life including continued study at Joliet Jr. College under art teachers Dr. Earl Kurtz and M. Kassiday.  Advanced study from life study at Chicago’s American Academy of Art  under artist Bill Mosby working in the shadows of Richard Schmid.  In 1964 to 1966, military obligation that included Viet Nam and the after effects of that experience interrupted study for 10 years. In 1979 finding the John Howard Sanden book PAINTING [...]

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