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Will be starting a new mural this month right downtown in Punta Gorda. It is two 30 x 40ft murals of the old hotel.
Finished a mural on the outside wall ofTapas One (20 x 15ft approx) in August and a small 6 x 5ft (approx) painting of a Florida Panther outside & in front of City Hall in September.
My bio info is much more informal than most as I haven't kept records of where I've been or what I was doing, only watched out where I was going. Really haven't needed to collect the laurals one uses to apply for jobs as 'word of mouth' has always fed me so far. It all started with a standard small village childhood on Chautauqua Lake in the snow bound country of southwestern New York - Mayville. Dad moved the family to Fort Pierce, Florida in 1959 and I have always been thankful he had the courage to come south with a young family and no guarantees.
There is no reason one should struggle to be warm on a globe with an equator is the way I look at it.
I was lucky, my youth was spent in the south with ocean, surf, beaches, palm trees and puberty.
The rest of the time was spent reading and drawing/painting. I was told I started at 3, though I don't remember this neither do I remember a time when I haven't been drawing and painting. After high school the U.S.Army was kind enough to offer me an opportunity for an electronics education and to practice the “arts of war” in Asia.
  With that steadying influence under my belt I returned to the States and became a fully matriculated free citizen.
Hit the road for a while doing sketch portraits, did a short [...]

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