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                                    I'm a plein-air artist who got started painting late in life... after a career consulting in geologic matters in Louisiana. For obvious reason I paint mostly around my home in Baton Rouge where the landscape is dominated by low-relief terrain, abundant live oaks, and infinite shades of green much of the year.  I'm fortunate to live near a small farm just minutes away where I have spent many quiet hours (many, many) and spread lots of paint on lots of canvas.
When Peggy and I travel, I like to take the painting equipment along (although it sure doesn't add any pleasure to air travel these days).  It let's me see new areas in ways I otherwise would not and create memories that are priceless.  Here I must note that I very much appreciate Peggy being always good humored,  a valuable and gentle critic, who sacrifices her time and busy schedule of important things to do to allow me lots of painting time. [...]

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