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    I spent my early years in South Bend, Washington. The hills, rivers, skies, and mudflats of that place still appear in
much of my art.
    I attended Art Center School in Los Angeles and graduated from Central Washington University. I taught school,
worked as a commercial artist, and now do fine art, both painting and carving. 
  The other strong influence in my art is my Chinook Native American heritage. I am a  tribal elder and past member
of the Chinook council.

   Coyote, Raven, Salmon, and Raccoon populate many of my painting,
   along with tribal people, canoes and our unique paddles with a notched
   end. Fish in the air. canoes above the ground, sizes that are out of the
   ordinary, all seen to fit the tribal stories. 
   I hope you enjoy these flight into fantasy and my other work, also.
   Hayu Masi,
   Charlie Funk

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