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Charles honed his drawing skills in college, but didn't start painting until he was 26 years old.  A chance visit by professional artist Karl Thomas proved to be pivotal.  Karl asked to see samples of his work.  Charles nervously showed the fresh paintings to the artist.  After a long pause, Karl asked, “have you ever considered doing this professionally?”  That was a powerful turning point.  Charles has always appreciated that recognition of his potential.  He began participating in workshops and studying art in museums and galleries. He also credits Cowboy Artists of America members Jim Norton and Roy Anderson with providing valuable direction on art's technical aspects.  He has also studied with noted artists Dave Wade, Jim Wilcox and Grant Redden. 
Although Charles was preparing for an organizational consulting career, he devoted his evenings to honing his artistic skills, often holding a child in one arm and a paint brush in the other.  In the middle of a two-year graduate program, he finally acknowledged his need to paint.  He acted on this decision by moving his young family back to Cokeville, Wyoming, to be near ranchers and cowboys who he so respected.  In addition to helping on the family ranch, Charles helps with summer pack trips into the Bridger National Forest – painting landscapes and packhorses along the way.
“My ideal has always been to become a renaissance cowboy.  My ancestors were of the earth – farmers and ranchers, horsemen but also refined and well rounded.  They provided a powerful example of what you could accomplish in life if you want it enough.”  In addition to his artist pursuits, he manages a strategic planning firm, serves on city council, helps with the family ranch and outfitting company and organizes the yearly Minerva Teichert Invitational Art Show.
Although his work may combine horses, cowboys and [...]

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