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I am a self-taught pastel artist with a focus on animal portraiture. My portraits gravitate towards stillness and quietude: easily missed but always present, if only we learn how to look. Observing these moments is an incredible antidote to the increasing bustle and stress of our (often needlessly) busy lives.
My first foray into the pastel medium happened in 2012 and I was instantly hooked. Life, however, had other plans; an unexpected cancer diagnosis meant packing up my art supplies to focus on my treatment and my family. During those long months of treatment and recovery I promised myself to make time and hold space for creative work.
In 2014 I met the incomparable Donna Rossetti-Bailey and my immersion into pastels began. Painting with her, and all the amazing pastelists I've met through her, has sparked my creative growth in immeasurable ways. Donna's guidance and tutelage made it possible for me to create in a deliberate, committed way.After many years in Donna's weekly atelier, I took that commitment one step further and set up my first studio in 2019. 
I learn something new from my pastels every time I’m at the easel. I especially love the tactile nature of the medium, being physically connected to my work as it develops. I’m happy to share my journey, and thank you for coming along.

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