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         My career has been in the field of Decorative Painting, and since the 1990's I have been painting murals and faux finishing ,in some of the most beautiful homes in South Florida, as well as New York, Michigan, New Jersey and elsewhere ...Going back to school to study art in my 30's was a turning point in my career. I was determined to foster the desire for learning, more in depth, the process of creating art, art history, and of course art movements. As the progression of the art side of the business evolved, I was asked on many occassions to do painting commissions, and took them on with a mix of nervousness and excitement, completing each piece with a sense of accomplishment!  Now it's time to paint subjects that I love, places and things that inspire me to paint, and  "put it out there" as they say.                                                                                 The work I am doing at this time is mostly representational ,and painting directly without much fuss is always the goal...and inspiration is everywhere. The destination is always to try and give people a sense of story, feeling a moment in time that has been captured in my paintings. What draws me in the most are people going about their daily life, and while on vacation my favorite pastime is photographing or sketching people so there is plenty of reference material that can be used later in the studio. More paintings coming soon...be sure to join my email list !  :-) 

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