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The Enjoyment of Creativity in Creation

"I grew up with a love for the outdoors and a desire to represent them on canvas; In addition, just taking a little time out quietly watching wildlife was just was always just what the doctor ordered to re-energize and inspire me with fresh ideas." Celia Fitzgerald
After spending several years in the profession of graphics design, Celia decided to change careers and pursue her passion for painting.  She enjoys working with different painting mediums; however, she relies most often on oils and graphite as tools in her creations on canvas.  Her patience and eye for detail are easily seen in her smooth yet deliberate brush strokes.  Her paintings are often in the style of realism, however, she has a unique style that often crosses between realism and impressionism.
Although painting is her first love, after several years concentrating on works on canvas, she discovered a added love developing her skill at artisan knotting.  Since incorporating fine art jewelry in her creations, she is fascinated how various forms of art intertwine.  She says, "I'm so glad to get back to doing what I love.  After recovering from a serious illness, I wanted a way to continue to create.  I certainly wasn't looking to produce anything out of the ordinary.  I would suggest to anyone to experiment with whatever art form appeals to them as an individual.  It's all about creating and when it clicks with you, you'll know it.  You may even be surprised at the outcome." And surprised Celia was, as she not only continues to paint but incorporates an enjoyable and exiting way of creating intriguing designs.
Exhibition Events:
Colleton Museum (South Carolina 2015)
WJCT Jazz Festival, Jacksonville, Florida
Vicar’s Landing, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida – Solo Exhibition
Women’s Center of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida
Florida Artist Juried Exhibition
Art Life Productions – Art Teacher, ages 11+ years – [...]

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