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     I spent 36 great years as an educator in a large urban school district in Texas.  When I retired seven years ago, I wanted to pursue a dream of becoming a professional artist.  I enrolled in weekly classes taught by nationally renowned artist Elizabeth Locke, and spent the next five years under her guidance immersed in the world of oil painting.  It wasn't my first attempt at oil painting, however.  As a young teenager, my mother enrolled me in weekly private art classes taught by south Texas artist Reve Thomas.  I studied oil painting for years until I graduated from high school.  I loved it! 
     When I enrolled at the University of Texas after high school graduation, I chose to study history.  Why?  I loved art.  Why not pursue art?  I thought that a career as a high school social studies teacher would be fulfilling.  And it was!  I became a successful teacher and curriculum specialist in my field.   This path also led me to my husband, the birth of my two wonderful sons, and, two years ago, we welcomed a beautiful daughter in law into the family!
     I'm not here to lament my choice of becoming a social studies teacher.  Absolutely not!  I used to turn every current events story into a lesson plan for my students.  I enjoyed creating lesson plans that related to the world in real time.  Lessons that would allow my students to lean in and relate to what was happening around them.  But now, I see the world the way artists see it:  as ideas just waiting to be put to canvas.  I hope that my work will evoke a memory for you--the viewer, the collector.  I hope that you will lean in and see a relationship to a life experience. 
     When I began [...]

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