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   Artist Statement 

  My very earliest memories were of watching my uncle at his easel, painting. I was intrigued and wanted, right away, to be able to make beautiful art like my uncle did. So for as long as I can remember, I've been making art, in some way. Watercolor has become my favorite medium since discovering it's beauty, versatility and unique challenges 23 years ago.

       For the most part, I'm self taught in this medium and I'm always experimenting with new materials and techniques. I'm attracted to a variety of subjects, and have yet to find a common thread as to why I'm inclined to paint the things that I do. 
        Detail and bold color are important to me, as are highlight and shading. I achieve detail through both direct and negative painting and color through the slow deliberate layering of paint. I try to challenge myself and leave my comfort zone through variations of subject, technique, and materials. Each painting represents a learning experience.

                                                       Awards and Achievements
America Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival 2017 - Award of Distinction
                         Americu Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival 2014 - Award of Distinction
                                   Camillus Art Association [...]

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