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 Cecilia was born in Peru, an extraordinary country, rich in culture, history, and cuisine, along with warm people, and stunning scenery full of colour and textures to stir the artist’s spirit. In 2004, she  moved from Lima to Oakville, Ontario, several years later settled in Collingwood, Ontario which had already become her hometown.After Graduating as a  graphic designer and traveling around the world , discovered  painting was her life passion, offering free expression and a means to search infinite creative ways to show the world her inner self. Her art shows a distinct attention to the basic components of design using line, colour, depth, texture and symbolism to take you back to the most primitive form of human expression.
“We journey through life seeking greater understandings of who we are -- trying to understand why we are here and seeking spiritual support to help us become more enlightened beings in this world,” says Cecilia.Through her art, Cecilia tries to create a fusion  between her Peruvian origins and the Canadian living experience. The use of natural materials, textiles and rich metallic mediums enables her to create the scene. She takes the viewer on a spectacular trip through  deep color, dimension, texture, and design to a state of mind that aims to reveal a hidden message to the soul and heart, connecting the viewer to the past, present and future.“Through art I have healed, and have sought and found who I am – the why and where I am going,” explains Cecilia.

2018 Collingwood ON - Press Room Gallery -Solo Exhibit-Woods and Farms
2017 Toronto ON - Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce Collective
2017 Lima Peru - Private Charity Exhibit- St. Mary's Church
2016 Collingwood ON- Press Room Gallery Collective Exibit
2015 Lima Peru - Hacienda Queirolo Solo Exhibit
2014 Lima Peru - Private Solo Exhibit
2013 Toronto Art Expo- [...]

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