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Cecilia Brendel Biography-

Born in St Louis Missouri in 1962, Cecilia Brendel's initial art education was in Technical illustration and Graphic Arts.   As owner of Olde Masters Galleria in Centerville Ohio, she strives to share her talents by offering regular oil painting classes and personalized instruction.  Her early illustrating career lead her into working for Publishers and College Schools.  Her technical skills took a turn when Broadway Theater asked her to paint scenery sets. The technical field soon evolved into the fine art end.  To develop her skills as a fine artist, Cecilia studied with a few master artist.

She often explores different regions for a new series.  A tour of South West sparked paintings that were featured in a solo exhibition.   She has created an Italian Window Box series, a California and Religious and this fruit series to name a few.    “I have always told my students to paint what motivates them, and this is exactly what I  do”.   This is how she started the series approach.  Her clients have ranged from hotels in Europe, hospitals and other private and industrial clients world wide.
Cecilia’s paintings reflect her earlier technical illustrating career with oil painting and the combination is a mixture of detail and representational.
Most recently, Her love of fine details has inspired her to create a series of miniature paintings.  She welcomes new commissions for family portraits, or any special projects.

With the wonders of this world whether it be spiritual or natural imagery, she loves to juxtapose thicker textured paint against the smooth, translucent areas or the bright, contemporary hues against the dark classics.  “My success is not with my inspiration but when someone has been inspired”.  

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