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I grew up in the Cleveland area before attending the Ohio State University eventually getting my Master's in Architecture, I stayed in Columbus and worked for a firm before stepping out on my own in 1990. I designed and built my own home and studio in 1994 in Westerville, Ohio, (shown below) ridng the real estate boom and was involved in the design of more than 300 custom designed homes in the central Ohio area (with a few homes in Hilton Head as well as the St. Augustine area in Florida)..just recently I returned to focus on my art and hit the ground running by having a booth in numerous local an national artshows.
Hi welcome to my web site, I'm an architect as well as an artist who incorporates a way of illustrating with watercolors that was popular with architects of the day trained in the acclaimed Ecole des Beaux Arts school in Paris towards the end of the 19th century and at least until the 1920's. I use my background of many years of drafting experience (before the widespread and now nearly 100% use of CAD programs, printers and plotters..go into any college school of architecture and I dare you to find a drafting table) to execute a new piece by doing a careful pencil layout before adding watercolor paint to paper and do a time consuming layering process that gives the painting an oil like opacity offset by the transparency of the water media...to finish the last 10% of the piece I use some mixed media; everything from color pencils,  pastels , plus a bit of both black and white India ink applied "old school"  with a ruling pen to accent and 'highlight' [...]

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