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love a grand adventure, and I am continually enchanted by color and its power to translate atmosphere.  My work explores the coastal lifestyle, past and present, with the soul of a simpler, romanticized era. There are so many adventures just waiting to take Pope (b. 1989) is an artist madly in love with color relationships, dramatic energy, and confident brushwork. Her childhood in Clearwater, Florida instilled in her a love for the natural landscape and the unique sense of light found along the Gulf Coast. Cat’s work in oil depicts the coastal landscape and its inhabitants using post-impressionist and contemporary realist techniques. Layers of color, bold shapes, and manipulation of surface texture illustrate a fascination with the medium itself and its rapturous capacity for memory.
Cat currently lives and works from her private studio in Mobile, Alabama. When not in the midst of creating, she enjoys exploring new places, supporting local coffee shops and filling her garden with tropical plants. She is passionate about teaching and encouraging others to chase after inspiration in all of life's pursuits. Her works have been collected throughout the United States, as well as Canada and South Korea.


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