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Cathy McClelland has earned signature status with the Society of Animal Artists, the Australia Guild of Realist Artists, the Wildlife Artist Society of Australasia and the Queensland Wildlife Artist Society Inc. In 2013 she was honored with an invitation to join the prestigious International Guild of Realism.
Comments from collectors and galleries:
"Through life you come upon people who excel in a field and rarely do you see persons who excel in all they do. Cathy is one such person as she does her work to perfection with honesty, integrity and cheerfulness. She has a gift that is rarely seen in people which is being able to transfer the very spirit of the scene she is painting to canvas. One feels as though they are in the scene. I have no hesitation in recommending Cathy's work to any purchaser or prospective purchaser.” Barry McNamara, McNamara Agribusiness Management and Finance
“I am speechless. The painting is breathtaking……the landscape is beautiful and the six babblers are babbling perfectly (pity the poor little moth). I am so happy. Thanks – I truly love it. Many, many thanks, you are a wonderful wildlife (in its habitat) painter. Your wrens are also testament to this.” Martin Ambrose, Senior Ranger, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.
"I have had the pleasure of interviewing Cathy McClelland on my ABC Radio program a number of times and I was privileged to be asked to open her first exhibition at the Dalby Regional Gallery a number of years ago. With her skills as an artist, she captures the colors, character and the spirit of rural Queensland beautifully, reflecting her own passion for the place. Her commitment to her craft is demonstrated by the fact that she paints landscapes at the scene – not only just from photographs. I would gladly recommend her and her amazing [...]

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