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 A deep fascination with art history and the artistic interpretations caught in the transitions of time and space are inherent in Cat Van Bergen's work.  A background in theater arts, Van Bergen tends to seek out  figures, scenes and places that present the mood and character of living and working in diverse urban environments around the world. Van Bergen envisions the "urban theater" as an ever changing backdrop and catalyst for creativity and exploration. She feels that there is a human element and connection down through history that is deeply embedded through the evolution of civilizations  that cannot be disguised or avoided. It is what Van Bergen feels gives a place it's character and presence.  Van Bergen's focus is painting and drawing ; with a great appreciation for Lithography.  Attracted to strong composition, mood, design elements and spacial interaction, Van Bergen likes to experiment with the" quiet" moments or" negative space" in an artwork.  She feels they provide powerful and engaging elements  to experience the focus or contemplate an art form with deeper appreciation. Van Bergen received her BFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2014 .

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 2014      BFA   Painting and Drawing    Academy of Art University      San Francisco, CA       
 1975-1978    Theatre Arts               Buffalo State College                                 Buffalo, NY
Awards and Honors________________________________________________________ 
 2014      Artistic Excellence Competition Finalist                     Southwest Art Magazine
 2008      President's Honor List       Academy of Art University           San Francisco, Ca.          
  2007      President's Honor List       Academy [...]

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