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Drawing and painting are what I love to do.  What you see here are portraits of my first subjects, my children, nieces and nephews.  Today I primarily paint my grandchildren and the next generation of nieces and nephews. I find the contours and colors of the human face and body endlessly fascinating. No two are alike. Just as each person is unique, what you see here are portraits that I hope have captured what is unique about each person in a unique moment in time. And my growing circle of family provides an endless variety of subject matter. 
Included in this site are portraits in oil, watercolor and pastel I've painted over the years. Today my primary medium is colored pencil.  Colored pencil art has come into prominence in the past ten years. For me this medium is the most natural extension of eye, hand and heart. Although many colored pencil artists use a variety of mediums to make their colored pencil painting resemble most closely oil paintings, I want the medium to shine through in my work. This is what I am aiming at in the workmen drawings. 
I want to paraphrased what Sarah Simblet says about drawing: Drawing is a powerful tool for both insight and imagination. It is a direct and universal language. Drawing enables us to express our attitudes and emotions freely...there is something in the physical act of drawing, the coordination of hand and eye, that reveals an entirely new way of seeing...time spent drawing is a revelation.For me often the greatest revelation is self-revelation. As I explore the fascinating beauty of this world, both human and in nature, there is a hidden hand that shows itself in endless awe and wonder. 
I am embarking more recently on botanical portraits. It started with the onions "Donions" that I pulled [...]

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