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For most of my professional career, I worked as scenic artist in the entertainment industry. My job was to replicate real life, make ordinary wood look like cement, or brick or marble. I totally love making fake things real and believable and I loved throwing paint around! I can make any kind of art an art director would want.
I attended The Colorado School of Design. As a graphic designer, I soon launched into the world of Television Design. I became an assistant art director and art director for many of the Denver affiliate stations. Later, I moved to Los Angeles and discovered Set Painting and Scenic Art. I worked with ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and Disney for over 30 years. If you watched Television, the Rose Parade or went to Disneyland, you have seen my work. I can give you the specific shows, rides or floats but this page is about my fine art.
  As a fine artist, I love exploring how to convey all the lights, textures and beauty that surrounds my daily life.  I want to convey people of all lands, of all backgrounds because together, we become truly beautiful.
My art is geared to bring moments of peace, calm and joy in landscapes , florals and portraiture.  
Member of:  Art Directors Guild Local 800 IATSE
                        Associate member of the California Art Club
                        The Oil Painters of America
          Portrait Society of America

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