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In 2009, after loss and life changes, I tagged along to Italy with an artist friend. While she spent three weeks in the studio, I spent my time lost, literally - in the streets, gardens, and cathedrals. Whether on foot, on the bus, or train, I rarely found my destinations. But in Italy, wherever you end up, there is art. And where there is art, there is change of perspective and the possibility for healing.Over my lifetime I’ve worked in nearly all areas of the arts, but never attempted painting. Returning home, I noticed an oil painting class and signed up. My goal was to paint my granddaughters. I began there. And as a gardener and former florist, I painted flowers. As an animal lover, I painted animals.I discovered a sweet, life-affirming connection between humans and their pets. This subject matter creates in me a feeling of lightness, putting aside the darkness of our world.I believe our connections to all life are vital to our happiness in this existence and I hope to show this in my work.

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