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  Born in 1987, Cassidy Rainbird Johnson grew up in New York and Texas. It didn't take long, though, for her to gravitate to the sun and freedom of the West Coast.
  After exploring Europe, she attended college in New Jersey and Texas, studying Math and Fine Arts and experimenting with different forms of self-expression. In 2011, she threw her painting supplies into the back of her car, grabbed her intrepid dog, Butters, and drove West, travelling extensively through Oregon and California. She landed in San Diego and continued to refine her visual art skills while studying oil painting with Lela Harty. 
  Cassidy paints to show people what she loves and what she finds beautiful. When not painting, Cassidy cares for her spirited niece, Arya, hikes mountain trails, sings, explores beaches, and reads fantasy.
   New ventures include teaching herself acoustic guitar, and writing an autobiographical graphic novel.

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