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I have been working in the area of fine arts for over 40 years. I work in both pastels and acrylics. My subject matter consists of wildlife, landscapes and florals.  The medium I choose to work in depends upon the subject matter and the particular mood I am trying to create.
The softness of a feather, the strength of an eagle's claw, the aggressiveness of an animal protecting its territory, or the passiveness of a songbird as it pauses to rest upon a branch. This is what I try to convey in my works. Color, fur or feather patterns and habitat should be accurate but a successful painting needs depth, a sense of mystery, space which is proper positioning of the bird or animal, and the flow of the background. And when I paint landscapes I try to capture the atmosphere and depth of that particular area.  Tan painting is not only a moment frozen in time but an anticipation of what is going to happen. The artist creates according to their own interpretation.
My portraits of animals are just that. Not generic animals, but specific animals that I try to capture their personalities and character. My hope is that the viewer will feel a connection and get an understanding of what the animal is thinking about at that particular moment.

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