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After spending years in the corporate world, Carrie Lee Allbritton returned to her first love with a passion and dedicated herself to making art through painting.  Allbritton has spent  years studying art and the use of color through workshops with national artists and her extensive library.  Basically self taught, she has surrounded herself with the influences of the masters of abstract/non-objective fine art.  Her work reflects her passion for life and love of all things beautiful.  Each of her paintings are created with the intent of capturing the mysteries of life and our planet.  She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and now lives just north of Houston.

With a growing list of dedicated collectors, Carrie Lee follows her own intuition to create canvases of remarkable sophistication and mystery.  Her viewer is pulled toward the painting as they find veiled images within the layers of paint and textures she uses so expertly. 

From the beginning, the use of pure intense color will direct and motivate the artist.   At some point, her years of experience, technique and intuition will take over to bring the canvas to fruition.  She prefers the fast, expressionistic stokes, occasionally working collage and "found" objects into the painting.  Often she impresses patterns into wet paint, or draws or scratches into the painting.  She even throws or slings paint at the canvas.

The artist succeeds in the expression of mystery, exuberance and elusiveness into which each viewer brings his own experience and reality. 


The artist has just added a new collection to this website.  It certainly shows her diverse interest when it comes to her artwork.  These paintings are fun, colorful, and decorative.  Many are done on gallery wrapped canvas and many are watercolor paintings.  They speak to the lighter side of life, and shows Carrie Lee's zest for life and enjoyment of pure [...]

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