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Travel, study with modern day masters, hard work, daily drawing and painting, love of God, family and friends are the building blocks of my artwork. Added onto the foundation from my mother who put a paintbrush in my hand at age five and encouraged me to reach for the stars. I was also blessed to work for a man who amassed a world class art collection and commissioned great architects to design for him. He taught me to think big, work smart, and appreciate other’s ideas
I’m a southern artist, and have long made Louisville, Kentucky my home.  Pursuing my passion for painting is a great adventure, challenge and luxury. Member of the American Impressionist Society;  I am college educated as a fine artist and have had a marketing and design business for many years.  God has blessed me richly through my creativity and has brought a treasure trove of opportunities and life experiences to influence my ideas and ultimately my paintings. I am excited to share some with you here.

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