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I love the colors of the skies and how they change the beautiful earth! Some of the best times of day are when the sun is just coming up and just going down and the rays rip across the grasses making them golden! The mountains are pink at that time and it is truly magical!!!
Passion ON!!!


"Montana! Open, free and untamed!
A rough land where colors change with the seasons.
Wild and domestic, animals thrive under deep, blue skies offset by huge, billowing white clouds.
The sun rises and sets with pure majesty, dwarfing even the tallest mountains.
Oh, how I LOVE Montana!!" - Carol Zirkle
Where she grew up: Carol Zirkle was born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After she graduating from college, she worked in a corporate job in Minneapolis for 19 years. During this time, she took a few evening art classes here and there.
In 1995, she pulled out a sketchpad and began drawing. Her friends liked her work and she began showing her drawings at a number of shows in Minneapolis. An artist at one of these shows told her that she would soon need to make the decision whether to go full time as an artist or not. That, along with an insightful trip to an astrologist set in motion a life changing plan. In March of 2000, she quit her corporate job one day, then sold her house and drove a UHaul to Montana the next day to "be an artist". Find more of this story here: "Pastel Artist, Carol Zirkle".
Where she lives now: She now lives in a ranching community in southwestern Montana. The area is high plains desert full of prickly pear cactus, wild life and rattlesnakes (in the summer). She met and married a cutting horse trainer named Donald Messling, and they live with their lovely Australian Shepherd pup, Waldo.
Inspiration: The Montana landscape is incredibly beautiful and the skies are spectacular! It's the everyday scenes she encounters that are the inspiration for her work.
Mediums:  At the beginning of her career, she focused on drawing with pencil. When it was time to learn to paint with colors, she started [...]

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