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I make handcrafted kinetic mobile sculptures.  I spent most of my life searching for a way to make a living creativly.  I wanted to be an artist as a child but couldn't sit still long enough to learn how to draw.  I didn't realize and no one told me that most of us need to practice lots to learn how to do most anything well.  Its a rare gift to have artistic abilities from go.  But, don't ever stop looking for the thing that makes time fly by, the thing you do and forget about being hungry, where you don't get tired until you take a moment to stop and realize you are exhausted.  And always daydream on purpose.  Take a few moments a day to stare in thought without direction or purpose... this is the time you will find your most inspiring ideas!
A little about myself :-)  I was born in the 60's in the San Francisco area and raised in the beaches of the South Bay of Los Angeles.... Hermosa Beach was my favorite.  I was around many artists in my teens and spent as much time as I could with Bob Carannza, a silversmith.  He taught me the art of drilling turquoise and string beading the old fashioned way.  From there I spent my whole life searching for a way to earn a living creatively.  
As a teen I made beaded jewelry that sold in local boutiques and crafted pillows to sell on the corner of the highway like a lemonade stand.  As an adult I continued to hone my sewing skills and made costumes for dancers, kites I would later fly all over the world, and quilts I still sleep under every night.  I opened an ebay account in 2002 making and selling knitting needle cases and tote bags, [...]

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