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How My Art "Happens"
Some think of art making as an almost mystical process, and the results can seem that way, when the artist has found the “just right” techniques and materials. I have found my art making is all about learning — what the paint will do and what magic happens when I’m not afraid of failure. The learning is messy, joyful and limitless. 
I often work from images I have photographed, and from those that appear in my dreams, using acrylic paint in rich, clean, saturated colors. Multiple layers of transparent and opaque paints and glazes create harmony and depth; editing out all but the most potent details gives the  painting room to breathe and connect with the viewer.
A favorite practice is placing figurative images such as exotic birds, billowing clouds or interesting buildings in abstract environments. The result is simple, powerful and quietly beautiful.
I view my life as a series of deeply gratifying, sometimes daunting, journeys into the unknown, from travels across the globe to interior travels in search of an authentic life. Time spent in Mexico and the American Southwest, working as a writer and always pushing the boundaries of what my family, peers and critics told me I could/could not do, has opened my eyes and my heart to a few of life’s treasures. 
These journeys are at the heart of my art, which is always evolving and exploring. As Helen Keller said — “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
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