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My work is about beauty, color, and playing with paint.  My collage pieces are also about texture, spontaneity, and letting the piece emerge as it wants to.  I love paint; I am a natural painter.  I need the mass of paint, and the color to represent what I see.  I love to load my brush with paint, and let it go where it wants to.  I’m having fun letting go, painting faster, and letting myself naturally express whatever I’m looking at, combined with whatever I’m feeling that day.
My recent focus has been flowers, because of their incredible, bold beauty.  I want to capture what I’m seeing with as much simplicity as possible.  My work is loose and bold on purpose.  I don’t want to do anything overly rendered, careful, or tight.  I do a lot of warm-up paintings now, working on paper, to get myself painting loose and free.  The work that comes out in the later versions is simple and beautiful; but the viewer is not seeing the many paintings that have come before it.
I have recently switched to acrylic paint, because of the freedom this allows me.  I feel freer to slop the paint around, to do bigger pieces, and to do a lot of warm up paintings.  Also, acrylic dries quickly and allows me to paint over areas; it allows me more back and forth, and more experimentation, where oil paint would quickly get muddy.
There is a paradox – in that, the more I can relax, and know that what I’m creating is just a piece of art, the more wonderful the result.  I have to trick myself into relaxing, playing, and letting the art simply express through me – and then the end product is more exciting.  It’s about “getting into the zone”; and letting [...]

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