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Always doodling, making different shapes and designs, and various shadings  --  this was what I did as a child growing up on a farm in Missouri where I had to find my own entertainment.
When we were very young, my sister and I played with paper dolls almost every day. I wanted the paper dolls to look a certain way so I drew dolls for each of us on paper and then we pasted them on cardboard to give them stability.  They were our favorites even though we also had Betsy McCall paper dolls.   I also liked to study the drawings in the “funny papers” and draw people like some of the characters I saw in the comic strips.  My favorite comic strip characters were in Brenda Starr, Reporter.
In college, I took copious notes in all my classes but the edges of my notebooks were covered with little drawings of people and sometimes doodles.   After college I went to New York City and got a job in publishing and later worked in sales, tromping all over Midtown to call on clients for my company.   Several years later, I fulfilled my dream of opening and operating a bed and breakfast in NY and then another larger B&B in Virginia.  My love of color and texture was expressed in my extensive flower gardens and in decorating the B&B.
One day I took an art course.   I had not had even one art class in high school or college.  But during that class I realized something amazing  --  I could not only draw but I could paint!
I began painting whenever I had time.  I let my emotions flow onto the canvas.   First, I painted cows.  I love painting colorful cows!  Then I drew figures.   Painting people is especially enjoyable for me.   The figures always tell a [...]

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