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Art is very much like life, a journey with twists, and turns in unexpected ways causing you to end up in the place you thought you would never go.
 I never intended to be an artist, after all as my parents said “how can you support yourself” I was happily attending college on my career path of Chemical Engineering when I suddenly became very ill and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. With that twist in the road, my life changed dramatically and my artistic self-took over. I feel fortunate to still be painting after 45 years of the disease.
Growth for an artist is a slow process that takes many years of learning and development. I first started painting plein air before it was popular. I would often be out by myself along the side of the road. The experience taught me about color, value, shape, design, and most of all the light and capturing the feel of the light. Being out in the open air seeing, hearing, and painting the color of the light made me feel a part of the landscape as if I belonged in this world.  Because my paintings are so deeply rooted in the environment, they reflect the rural area I live in.
My typical process begins with small plein air color notes, just notes of color that capture the feel of the light. I have found that pastel is the perfect medium for this process.
In the studio, I like to do larger paintings based more on composition and design. I do not try to copy the plein air sketch, but I use it as a starting point.
I paint with oil, but primarily with pastel, I think pastel is the best medium you could work with. Its versatility and ability to adapt to any underpainting or overpainting I [...]

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