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At the age of three, on a trip across country from the Pittsburgh area to visit Pike's Peak, Yellowstone, and all the beauty of the west, Carol's beloved crayons were on the back ledge of the car and had a meltdown in the hot sun. This also caused a meltdown for pre-school Carol that she never forgot, as her greatest joy on this trip was to draw and color in her books and workbooks.
As time passed, art took a backseat to life, family and jobs, but Carol's love of creativity never left her, even owning a sewing/fabric store in her 30s. At the age of 50, she had major spinal surgery. The silver lining was that Carol now had time to pursue her love of color, art and painting. Wanting to kick her painting up a notch and wanting to become a "real" artist, Carol bought some oil paints, brushes and canvas and tried to paint. It was really fun but soon she realized that she really didn't know much about what she was trying to do. She then set forth on a journey of self-discovery and self-learning, soaking up anything and everything she could find on the internet about oil painting, reading and studying books by great artists, visiting galleries and museums, and attending community college classes. Eventually, Carol attended classes and workshops presented by world renowned artists.
Carol loves oil painting in the impressionistic representational style, also known as abstract realism, trying to keep her brushstrokes loose and her palette light. Her favorite subject is still life, followed by landscape and pets. Carol enjoys traveling and finds joy and beauty in God's handiwork, and aspires to also capture the beauty and awe of God's "architecture" on canvas while plein air painting.
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