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CAROL SMERALDOPAINTING BIOGRAPHYCarol Smeraldo attended Rhode Island School Of Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCADU).  She received the first N0va Scotia Cultural Life Award and the Progress Club of Canada’s Women of Excellence Award in Arts and Culture.  She founded 2 pottery schools and her own studio-One Off Studio.  Smeraldo has been a full time professional clay artist and sculptor since 1971.During her clay artist career she loved and always depended on painting and drawing.  She has attended figure drawing sessions every week for over 10 years where she discovered her love of pastel painting.  She paints whenever traveling and at home in her woodland, lakeside studio and is now gradually turning her studio and her time more towards painting.  Carol has always been inspired by the sea, lakes and rivers and is now expanding her plein aire work into gardens and woodlands.  She has begun to submit and have her paintings accepted into gallery shows.Quote from Studio Ceramics Canada website-She has sailed in storms off the East coast, canoed in Canada’s icy Northern Barrens, weathered the creation and running of pottery schools, and oh yes, found time to create her own ceramic work. These are just some of the many sides of Nova Scotia artist, Carol Smeraldo. Carol’s importance lies not only in her work but also in the insights she provides into the state of ceramic arts.” https://studioceramicscanada.com/contemporaries-q-z/carol-smeraldo/Her pottery website is www.smeraldopottery.com

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