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Carol started drawing faces and horses at the age of nine. Her love for art has continued. She earned a BSE and MSE degree at HSU and spent a lifetime instructing elementary students to follow their dreams. Once retired , Carol decided to follow the advice she always gave her students.  Enrolling in art classes at NPC in Hot Springs. The instructor was Thad Flennigen. He encouraged Carol to purse her talents. The NPC had another famous artist on staff, Ovita Goolsby. Ovita had attended, the Art Students League of New York, under the late Master Portrait Artist, Daniel Greene. This was a great, unbelievable, opportunity to learn portraiture art. Carol continued to develop as an artist through workshops taught by artists whose work she admired. Visiting art museums, studying art literature intensely, kept up the motivation  to study and learn.  Carol received  merit scholarships in 2018, 2019, and 2020, to the Scottsdale Art School for Artists. Carol's style employs a direct painting method she has acquired from study of  Living Master artist, Richard Schmid. She met Richard at the Portrait Society of America convention in 2017.  He encouraged Carol to do his color charts as well as practice daily to meet her goals. Richard's book, Alla Prima II, has proven to help Carol continue to excel in portrait painting.
Painting is my key to peace and creation. Painting western art takes me back to childhood memories! My daddy was a true horseman, a real cowboy! Growing up on a cattle ranch in West Texas, he taught me everything there was to know about a horse, as well as raising cattle. Painting fills my senses with accomplishment and integrity. Though I work quite diligently, consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques, my unconscious state is in control. Many times unexpected colors and design, [...]

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