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Carol was born and raised in Spokane, Washington.  She drew as a young girl and started painting in oils as a teenager.  After marriage she gave up painting as she raised nine children and was too busy to even think about painting, much less find a place to put oil paintings to dry without little fingers smearing them around. In 1988 Carol fell in love with watercolor after attending a watercolor exhibition featuring the paintings of Stan Miller. The urge to paint swelled up in her and she thought she could paint watercolors, as she could dry them as she went along.  Carol took classes from both Mari Anne Figgins and Stan Miller at the Spokane Art School, as well as study with Joel Johnson and David Clemmons. She started selling her work to friends and acquaintances in 1989. Carol's great love of color is reflected in her paintings. She has a bright and cheerful palette.  In her Shattered Reality Series she plays warm colors against cool colors, lights against darks, to create fun painted collages of form and color.  People often comment that the paintings remind them of quilts or stained glass. Carol's paintings can be found in collections nationwide. She has exhibited in galleries in Portland Oregon, Coeur d' Alene Idaho, and Spokane Washington. She has also exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions.  She is a former member of the Spokane Watercolor Society. 
In 1993 Carol graduated with an AAS degree in Graphic Design & Advertising.   Artists statement:  Painting brings peace to my soul.  I love the flow of the paint beneath my brush and the joy of seeing the image emerge on the paper.  My goal is to create something beautiful that others can enjoy.  If my paintings bring happiness to others then I [...]

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