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Creative expression…I love that term!  Having spent the majority of my life and career in more “left-brain” analytical and administrative roles, I now have the time and opportunity to allow my creative side to emerge and expand!
I have always been drawn to abstract art.  There’s something about the color, texture and flow of a particular piece that pulls me into it.  I love how abstract art is so subjective--a piece may touch me in ways that words can’t describe, and yet for another person, there is no emotional connection.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, indeed!
When I begin to paint, I don’t always have a goal in mind.  As I listen to music and settle myself in, each piece seems to show me where it wants to go, intuitively.  If I can keep my “head” out of the process, the flow moves effortlessly and beautiful things can show up!  When a piece comes together, I actually get chills…I believe that’s my soul’s way of telling me that the piece is complete.
Over the years I’ve observed and appreciated so many talented artists, and have learned a lot from each of them.  I am currently a juried member of the Sonoran Arts League and appreciate all the support and feedback they provide me! 
I am grateful to the art communities for ongoing inspiration and for a world where there is no shortage of beauty to nourish my soul…AND for a husband who encourages and nudges me to evolve and grow artistically!  I am such a lucky woman!
Thank you for visiting my website and may you find a little bit of pleasure for your soul!
Carol  Peltzer McDonald
Chandler, Arizona

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