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Why create art? Everyone can use a dose of  joy, wonder, and inspiration! So, let's surround ourselves with uplifting images and reminders of good times spent and dreams to come! Art is a fantastic gift to share with others, too! 


I was born in Berkeley, CA, and spent the first 13 years of my life in Oakland, then 4 years in rural Washington before boomeranging back to California where I've been ever since. Those four years in the country introduced me to a whole new world from that of the city - farm life and raising animals, hiking streams, sleeping under the stars and sitting quietly by the river observing nature. I've always been drawn to the great outdoors and the joy of creative expression since I was a small child which included lots of camping, singing around the piano as my mother played, cooking and baking, sewing, growing a garden, playing my flute, etc. Having raised five children and now enjoying grandchildren, I see that same wonder of discovery in them. We are all creative at our core and that creativity is expressed uniquely by each person.
Having dreamed of painting on a canvas for many years, I finally gave it my first try in 2008. My instructor started me out with a sepia toned still life of 3 pears arranged on a square plate set next to a branch of forsythia which was rendered with acrylics. Portraiture had always interested me so I painted my first portrait  in black and white - it was of my husband. I was hooked. Since that time, I have done my best to gain experience with the paintbrush whenever possible and began using oil as my favored medium.  I taught art to children for a number of years as well as becoming a potter during this past decade. A few years ago, I joined a local art gallery where I began to sell my pottery and paintings. The currant pandemic has pushed pause on many activities and I am thrilled that I can concentrate [...]

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