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The Artist Says:

I live to paint, and I paint to live.

Collectors Say:

"We have our own Caroline Zimmermann gallery in our home. Her paintings are not one particular style or type of painting. They're all different. They're all wonderful. They're all special."
Kathy Gau
"From the first time I saw Caroline's work it stopped me dead in my tracks. There was a connection there. What she does on canvas connects with people. Whether it's the portraits of my dogs, horses, the landscapes, the seascapes, it's always exciting and, as a collector, it's an emotional experience."
Yvette Pine
"We wake every morning to Caroline Zimmermann's luscious water paintings. They make us just want to dive right in!"
Marvin Hirsch, dedicated collector of Caroline Zimmermann paintings.

Dealers Say:

"Caroline's accomplished work is a refreshing change from the dreck one sees in New York galleries."
Carla MacDonald
Gallery Director
Atelier del Corvo, New York


Whether searching for powder, the perfect wave, or the perfect light to paint, Caroline's passion for travel has led her to all hemispheres of the earth.

Caroline Zimmermann in Bali
Caroline's paintings in oils document her experiences in the vastly different environs of the South Pacific, Caribbean, Tuscany, Provence, the English countryside, Indonesia, as well as the coast and mountains of her native California. In her richly painted compositions, shadows and vibrant colors create deep impressions evoking memories among those familiar with these settings.
“For 48 years I have been painting in oils. My painting process has always served as a way of physically communicating the memories of my life’s experiences and my travels.” 
Caroline began painting in oils at the age of six, nurtured by creative parents and then immersed herself in the artistically rich setting of Laguna Beach. 


Caroline Zimmermann, Laguna Beach

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This genre of painting brought Caroline early success and acclaim as an artist. Her work was featured in numerous surf publications, including two featured articles in The Surfers Journal. Caroline continues to surf whenever possible and can often be seen catching waves in Southern [...]

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